The Obama Halo

                     Cults don't just happen. They need to be cult-ivated.

First, a classic video from a great cinematographer

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The Tip Of The Iceberg

By The Way

This page is an example of fair use.

That is, these are copyrighted photos but to illustrate that complicit and cooperative news media spearheaded the deification of Barack Obama, it is essential to point out the oft-repeated technique of morphing an average man into a transcendental figure. 

Although it requires an ongoing vow of silence from thousands and thousands of journalists to never mention The Obama Halo, (and they have taken a vow of silence on anything that could be damaging to the international man of mystery) it only took a handful of photographers and executives to brainwash the masses. 

After A While

The Halo shots look like other Halo shots.

I have seen dozens of variations of this theme and I sometimes have to check if a given photo is not a repeat. It is then that is impressed even further just how unaccidental this puffery happens to be. This is not the media elite "putting their fat left thumb on the scale." Oh no. This runs much deeper than that. This is not so benign, my friends. This is the deliberate cultivation of a deity.




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Post Obotomy Syndrome

 The Jesus cover-up. This happened in April 2009 when the flowers were blooming, the birds were chirping and the honeymoon was as sweet as saccharin.

This blog did not mention the Jesus cover-up. Even though I was frightened by the cult of Obama and I was roiling at the gross preferential treatment the press had afforded The Pampered One, I had yet to view the president as a power-hungry, worship-craving tyrant who would be jealous of the adoration others showered on Jesus Christ. Yes, I wanted our president to succeed.

I snickered at what I interpreted to be the exulted one's political ineptitude. In retrospect, this incident is much more disturbing. It would be a harbinger, a sneak preview of a megalomaniac blossoming before our very eyes.

Of course, this event would not have transpired without the cooperation of Georgetown University. The Catholic Church has been co-opted by leftists. If one returns to the pews after a long absence, one should be prepared to hear about the plight of "undocumented workers" or equitable sharing of resources or the horrors of draconian budget cuts.

But that is another subject for another time. Today, let us take a long, hard look at the man who removed the name of Jesus from an institution founded by The Society of Jesus. Can you say 'Messianic Complex?'

Oh, one more thing. Georgetown spokesmen revealed that the shrouding of religious symbols was performed at The White House's request.

The "Before" photo showing "IHS"


Who shows up sporting a shiny halo? 

                       Close up

                  How America Became Jonestown 

              Acknowledging The Literal Deification Of Barack Hussein Obama

This Is Not Meant To Be An Exhaustive Catalog

A Google Image search will yield dozens, if not hundreds of these things...

It only takes a few cooperative photographers and editors (and the remainder of the news media to take

a vow of silence on this obvious flim flam) to orchestrate the propagation of faith.

Just for fun, run a Google Image 

search on "George Bush halo."

A single Romney halo did appear about two months before the general election

in 2012.

The technique might seem cheesy but it is effective. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide believe that Barack Obama is metaphysically different from the rest of humanity.  To quote Oprah Winfrey, "He is the One!"

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