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But Rather What Your Country Can Do For Your Cult Leader

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Is Jeff Tweedy The Oprah Of Alternative Music?

Reflecting on the times I have either gotten tongue-tied or angry when discussing a subject, I realize there is a common denominator. Those were all times when I could counter a statement with a dozen or two worthy counterpoints but I could not decide which argument to use. Those are the times I lost my cool and shouted or insulted my friendly adversery. At other times, I just stammered.

Wilco supporting Obama is just plain WRONG. It is wrong for dozens of reasons. Dozens. Dozens. Dozens.

Where do we begin?

1. Wilco, the artists with supreme integrity, pledge their support to the sleaziest politician this country has ever seen.

2. Wilco, the artists with supreme integrity, pledge their support to the cheesiest politician this country has ever seen.

What is more offensive about Obama? The sleeze or the cheese? We can discuss that for a long time but what is worse is that Obama's supporters willingly put on blinders to block out evidence of sleaze and cheese. Yes, that is more disturbing.

3. Wilco, the artists with supreme integrity, pledge their support to a sleazy and cheesy politician about whom they know very little.

Oh, they got to chat with their leader, did they? Did their messiah tell them who financed his education and to whom he might forever be indebted? Hint: He apparently lied about taking out college loans. Did the chosen one tell these perceptive artists extraordinare, these lofty, exalted artists, did they discuss what their cult leader studied at Columbia? Did they ask the embodiment of hope and change if he ever took a single solitary economics class? Did they ask their fellow celebrity what sort of papers he wrote? No! These are perceptive, distinguished artists with truckloads of integrity. They grokked Barack Obama's divine essence through chit chat. Oh to command such powers of perception!

4. Wilco, the artists with supreme integrity, pledge their support to the most authoritarian president since Richard Nixon.

Imagine Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young vintage 1972 endorsing Richard Nixon. Their careers would be instantly terminated. Not because Nixon was not sufficiently leftist--he imposed wage and price controls, he opened the door to Mao, he would ultimately abandon Southeast Asia at the price of millions of lives in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, he destroyed America's chemical and biological weapons, he inflicted us with the EPA, etc., etc., etc. He is probably the most leftist president this country has ever seen. Nixon was rightly viewed with suspicion because he was radically authoritarian. Obama is the most authoritarian president since RN and there seems to be no stigma whatsoever for leading cheers for the exulted one.

5. Wilco, the artists with supreme integrity, pledge their support to the masters of mind contol.

No, I am not saying Obama is a master of mind control. In fact, I think time will expose him as a bit of a dim bulb. But his handlers were able to shepherd the human driftwood Eric Hoffer identified as "true believers." Would we hold The Velvet Underground in high regard if they had shilled for Jim Jones? Would we hold Nirvana in high esteem had they sung the praises for David Koresh? I think not.

6. Wilco, the artists with supreme integrity, might as well cut out the middle man and conduct fundraisers for Goldman Sachs.

Or SEIU. Or General Electric for that matter. GE might be the most blatant quid pro quo relationship. In return for billions in government contracts, the non-paymnent of corporate taxes and preferential regulation (light bulbs) General Electric serves up a media conglomerate devoted to 24/7 Obama support and 24/7 slandering of his political rivals.

Would Wilco fans continue to pat themselves on the back and tell themselves how noble and enlightened they happen to be if their boys did fundraisers for Citigroup ($701,290 donated to Obama in 2008)? I don't know but they tell me reefer is a LOT stronger than it used to be. Maybe that explains Wilco fans.

Wilco leading cheers for the chosen one.

No More Tweedy!


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