Sam Vaknin Pulls Back The Curtain

Let's get a few disclaimers out of the way.

First, I take mental health evaluations with a grain of salt for a multitude of reasons. Second, diagnoses always have a political angle. Always. Until the early 1970's homosexuality was considered a disorder and there was no such diagnosis as sexual addiction. What happened? The gay lobby is powerful and the Tiger Woods of the world have no such advocacy group.  Gay OK. Tiger sick.

Third, Sam Vaknin is not a health care professional. Rather, he is a self-proclaimed narcissist. He is also a convicted con artist. These traits might actually give him unusual insight into malignant narcissism.

What was obvious to me right from the onset is that Barack Obama's religiosity is contrived. It is deliberately cultivated through stagecraft. The techniques seem hokey at time, but they are effective. What scares me about Barack Obama is that he has worked hard to promote his religiosity. I hold the strong belief that a man who deliberately fosters his own deification, is a dangerous man indeed. 

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