Barry Soetoro: Unrepentent Marxist

Or Why Fox News And Talk Radio Do Not Live Up To Their Reputation

Professor John Drew knew Barry Soetoro when the latter was an undergraduate student at Occidental College. At the time, both young men were hardened Marxists. As with many young idealists, Drew would eventually shed his Marxism as he was exposed to the real world.

However, there is no evidence that Barry Soetoro, aka Barry Obama, aka Barack Obama, would ever mature. He would spend two mysterious years at Columbia and then he waltzed over to Harvard Law School. He then became what he has been since graduation, an activist/organizer.

Whereas Drew expanded his understanding of the principles of economics, eventually earning a Ph.D. in political science from Cornell and he became a professor of political science and economics, Barack Obama (as he would rename himself) seems to still be an overgrown college sophomore. He is the snotty kid who comes home at Thanksgiving to inform his family, his neighbors, his friends, and anyone who will tolerate his company, just how incredibly stupid they happen to be. He will tell them their lives as they have lived them are without merit but that he is working to make their retched lives better.

John Drew has a story to tell. John Drew has had a story to tell for almost a decade. Of course he has been blacked out by the mainstream media. But wouldn't Fox News want to talk to him? No! Wouldn't the iconoclasts of talk radio want to talk with this guy? Michael Savage did. A few podcasters did. But not the big fish.

John Drew is barely in the blogosphere. He has a few submissions at "American Thinker" and a few at FrontPage Mag. His most popular Youtube video has a few thousand hits.  There are nine John Drews listed on Wikipedia and this is not one of them.  An actor who died in 1862 and a tax collector who was born in 1973 both made the cut, but not this wallflower.

Please give John Drew your undivided attention.


                  How America Became Jonestown 

              Acknowledging The Literal Deification Of Barack Hussein Obama

B-Cast Vids

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Say what you may about The Reverend Manning, he will talk to blacklisted people.

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How America Became Jonestown

Table Of Contents


The Unacknowledged Religion

When Praise Becomes Worship

Magical Thinking

Why Obamacists Cannot View The Man Behind The Curtain

The Visceral Attacks On Heretics

The Landscape: The Perfect Time And Place To Grow A New Religion

The Decline Of Traditional Religion

Taste Equals Opinion, Opinion Equals Fact

The Impact Of Social Media

Sentiment Over Reason

Superficiality Over Substance

The World's Firstg Media-Generated Religion

The Fourth Estate

Idolatry Versus Ideology

Journalists: If You Can't Beat Them, Buy Them

The Vow Of Silence

Welcome To Jonestown

The Record Of President Obama

The Personality Of Barack Hussein Obama

The Future Of Jonestown

How To Deal With An Obama Worshiper