Succeeding Where The Chastity Belt Failed

Ain't enough alcohol on Earth or enough darkness in the universe. 

                 No we can't!!!

The Body Is A    Temple 

Is Obama The New Pharaoh?

I don't sphinx so.

I thought he was born in Hawaii.

If You Missed Out On The Spear Of Destiny...

I concur with the ad: His victory did change the world forever.

Coming to a yard sale near you.

Back In Commem-orativeville

No altar is complete without this baby.

For the hard to please acolyte on your shopping list.

Instilling Religious Principles At A Tender Age

Obama Coloring Book

I can't draw either.

If The Shroud Of Turin Is Beyond Your Budget

1. Ebay

2. Garage Sale

3. Recycle Bin

Obama Spiderman

"Historic Proportions"

                  How America Became Jonestown 

              Acknowledging The Literal Deification Of Barack Hussein Obama

What good is art if it does not immunize the artist from the tricks of sly con artists?

Clearly, Ron English is a gifted artist and art should give one a more sophisticated perspective. Here we see art failing on a colossal scale.

Abraham Obama? WTF, Ron?

Ron has a fan in DC

Fortunately, not everyone eats horse shit for breakfast.

Maybe we should put this in the 'Worship' file

A Shrine To Kitsch

 "Kenya...Proudly      Obama's Roots"

On And On And On

Show your amazing talent online! Start with a $1.99 .Com Domain! p>

How To Win Elections!

A note on deleted embeds. I intend to leave the empty shells up indefinitely. It is an encouraging sign that rabid supporters are removing their videos. Perhaps a few of them are disillusioned with the man they once worshiped. Some of them might feel embarrassed that they fell face first for this flimflam artist. 

That is not to say Obamacism is on the rocks. Barack Obama had 3.6 million fewer voters in 2012 than in 2008 but he still had 65 million Americans voting for him. That's a lot of pilgrims. Worldwide, the cult of Obama is still thriving. Ah, but it is nice to think that some people with "Hope And Change" tattoos might have come to their senses.

Is Obama Christ A Real Religion Or Just A Scam To Sell T-Shirts?

Even if it is a scam--and how can this church be a bigger scam than their professed deity?--they know how to write copy. They would not have sold t-shirts were it not for the millions of worshipers who called Barack Obama "The One."

How America Became Jonestown

Table Of Contents


The Unacknowledged Religion

When Praise Becomes Worship

Magical Thinking

Why Obamacists Cannot View The Man Behind The Curtain

The Visceral Attacks On Heretics

The Landscape: The Perfect Time And Place To Grow A New Religion

The Decline Of Traditional Religion

Taste Equals Opinion, Opinion Equals Fact

The Impact Of Social Media

Sentiment Over Reason

Superficiality Over Substance

The World's Firstg Media-Generated Religion

The Fourth Estate

Idolatry Versus Ideology

Journalists: If You Can't Beat Them, Buy Them

The Vow Of Silence

Welcome To Jonestown

The Record Of President Obama

The Personality Of Barack Hussein Obama

The Future Of Jonestown

How To Deal With An Obama Worshiper