How America Became Jonestown 

              Acknowledging The Literal Deification Of Barack Hussein Obama

What Is More Insulting Than A Contrived Halo?

How About A Series Of

Staged Faints?

But Ever-Honest Hillary? Say It Ain't So

To Be Fair, Obama Isn't The Only Deceiver,

Just The Most Persistent

Sleazy Rick Santorum Steals From The Obama Playbook

From Post Obotomy Syndrome

Obama's 13 Fainting Women Revisited

We have examined Obama's fainting women before. It was on my to do list to compile the hoaxster's staged faintings in chronological order. Fortunately, someone did it for me.
Published on Oct 23, 2013
Here is the List of 13 Obama fainting women cases!
1)Feb 24th 2007 L.A. California
2)Sept. 8th 2007 Santa Barbara Ca
3)Dec 8th 2007 Des Moines Iowa
4)Jan 8th 2008 Hanover NH
5)Feb 4th 2008 Hartford CN
6)Feb 8th 2008 Key Arena in Seattle
7)May 2nd 2008 Charlotte N.C.
​8)April 28th 2009 FBI HQ Speech
9)March 15th 2010 Ohio Rally Speech
10)Oct. 7th 2010 Maryland Speech
11)March 1st 1012 New Hampshire
​12)March 7th 2012 N.Carolina Speech
13)October 2013 Speech in Rose Garden

​Thank you DAHBOO77 youtuber.

​By the way, the odds of the fainting person being female thirteen times in succession is 8191:1  If they buy this hokum, they are ripe for The War On Women flim flam.

​A parting comment: If these events are not staged, Barack Obama (and Hillary and Santorum for that matter) are guilty of bad judgment in the extreme. 1) Never give water to an unconscious person. 2) Do not diagnose a faint from a distance of fifty feet even if you are a health care professional--which Obama is not. Loss of consciousness can be caused by a multitude of factors: seizure, coronary, diabetes to name but a few. To tell a stranger who has fainted that they will be fine, all they need is air and water, is grossly irresponsible.

Of Course, Barnum Obama Exceeds Where Others Merely Excel. 

Here is DAHBOO77's vid

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How America Became Jonestown

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The Unacknowledged Religion

When Praise Becomes Worship

Magical Thinking

Why Obamacists Cannot View The Man Behind The Curtain

The Visceral Attacks On Heretics

The Landscape: The Perfect Time And Place To Grow A New Religion

The Decline Of Traditional Religion

Taste Equals Opinion, Opinion Equals Fact

The Impact Of Social Media

Sentiment Over Reason

Superficiality Over Substance

The World's Firstg Media-Generated Religion

The Fourth Estate

Idolatry Versus Ideology

Journalists: If You Can't Beat Them, Buy Them

The Vow Of Silence

Welcome To Jonestown

The Record Of President Obama

The Personality Of Barack Hussein Obama

The Future Of Jonestown

How To Deal With An Obama Worshiper