"He's sort of God."


A Brief Note On The High Priests Of Obamacism: 

This is the first media-generated religious cult.  American media have never before displayed so much silliness and sycophancy. However, the grown-ups at networks other than MSNBC have scrubbed away some of the blatant displays of worship. We will endeavor to uncover some of the now hidden moments of adoration. Check back with us from time to time. 

(12/20/14) We also have found that some of the most loyal Obama evangelicists disable video embedding.

 No One Ever Made Fun Of Bush

"I ain't saying Obama is Jesus..."

When hagiography is an understatement

As Luke Was To Jesus

As Matthew Was To Jesus

As John Was To Jesus


How America Became Jonestown

‚ÄčTable Of Contents


The Unacknowledged Religion

When Praise Becomes Worship

Magical Thinking

Why Obamacists Cannot View The Man Behind The Curtain

The Visceral Attacks On Heretics

The Landscape: The Perfect Time And Place To Grow A New Religion

The Decline Of Traditional Religion

Taste Equals Opinion, Opinion Equals Fact

The Impact Of Social Media

Sentiment Over Reason

Superficiality Over Substance

The World's Firstg Media-Generated Religion

The Fourth Estate

Idolatry Versus Ideology

Journalists: If You Can't Beat Them, Buy Them

The Vow Of Silence

Welcome To Jonestown

The Record Of President Obama

The Personality Of Barack Hussein Obama

The Future Of Jonestown

How To Deal With An Obama Worshiper