To Dream The Impossible Nightmare


Let us acknowledge the obvious:

1. The worship of Barack Obama is literal.

2. The cult of Barack Obama is colossal. Humanity has never before witnessed a religious cult that has snared so many, so fast. The ramifications have largely been ignored.

3. The worship of Barack Obama is by no means spontaneous. From fainting women to the Obama Halo, from the rewritten spirituals that praise the new messiah to the hypnotic speeches void of content, the deification of Barack Obama is deliberate and it is contrived. Look closely and you will see the marionette's strings and the steely determination written on the faces of skillful puppet masters.

4. Obama fundamentalists, as with other fundamentalists, cannot be swayed with logic. They will not and cannot "come to their senses."

5.  Obama worshipers are dangerous people. 

6. A personality that embraces his own deification is a dangerous human being! This can never be under emphasized. 

                  How America Became Jonestown 

              Acknowledging The Literal Deification Of Barack Hussein Obama

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